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    I've restarted several times, but I am getting fed-up now with the Content Transfer. I've gone from Priv to Keyone. First my SD card was not recognised in Keyone, so after I've started CT, I had to format my SD card. So I've made a back-up of all my photos / videos and so on.

    Then I've started the CT again, on the Priv it has been running for over 8 hours, so I thought there must be something wrong, so I've cancelled it. So instead of trying the first option of the Google Drive back-up, I've then selected 'use another method'. Sorry to say, but I had to start twice again as my memory was not enough to transfer all the photos, so at the end had to start over again after I've copied all my photos onto my pc.

    Third time back to CT and using the Google Drive option and my old device (Priv) has been connected for more than 30 hours now, still showing the circle going around and around. On Google Drive I can see that I am at 53 programs now, but that has been for the last 7 hours. It just doesn't get to an end.

    When I go to the Keyone and the CT to get the back-up from Google Drive, then all I get after selecting the e-mail address were the back-up is the Start Transfer Screen (on your previous device, visit blackberry.com/transfer to download the blackberry content transfer app and start transferring your data".

    How much longer can this take or what am I doing wrong?
    I've done other options as well but all my data don't get moved plus it doesn't pick-up my e-mail then to get my whatsapp back-up.
    I am so close to throwing this phone against the wall as I have a new phone which I cannot use because not all my information, passwords (don't even get me started on password keeper that cannot be moved) contacts are there, sitting with my old phone with my sim in that is just connected to a charger waiting for my back up to complete.
    08-29-17 02:25 AM
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    First off, welcome to CrackBerry!
    Please update your profile to include device, carrier, and location. This makes it easier for others to help you.

    I ran into this with my wife's KeyOne transferring from her Priv also. Well, not as extreme as your case, but it seemed to be taking way too long.

    You need to break it down a little bit more instead of selecting all of the options at the same time. Use Google Drive as you said, but first select everything except Photos and Videos. Once that's done, close up on both devices, start again and only select Photos and use a different password than the first time. Finish up, restart and do only Videos with yet another password.

    Your passwords can be simple, like 1111, then 2222, then 3333. Try that and comment back with your success. It will still take a long time, but hopefully it should work out.
    08-29-17 02:34 AM
  3. mallesvj's Avatar
    Thank you ... updated my profile.
    I've broken it down already .... I've not selected photos / videos this time round, as already backed-up on my pc and moved. The content transfer I am running now is except Photos and Videos and it is more than 30hours .... it just doesn't get to an end.
    If i end it, then I have to start again, but my new device (Keyone) don't pick it up yet.
    Can it really take this long to make the back-up which has no photos / videos to transfer?
    I am on iD mobile in UK.
    08-29-17 03:42 AM

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