1. Crusader03's Avatar
    OK, so I am new to Android but not Blackberry. My question is, should we be powering off our Keyone's like the battery pulls of days gone by. I am not referring to pulling the battery on the K1, just powering off. Does it help in Android or hinder? Thanks in advance,
    01-31-18 01:43 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Up to you. You do you boo! If you feel it's getting laggy or something, like almost every other computer eventually does, a reboot is going to help a little.
    01-31-18 01:56 PM
  3. n1nj4Lo's Avatar
    I heard once from a Android Geek Guru say it's best to reset/restart your android every morning. I don't typically do this but when I do I always notice new updates pushing in Play Store downloads.
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    01-31-18 02:15 PM
  4. texn884's Avatar
    You go to bed everynight right and feel better in the morning right?

    Maybe your phone needs a rest from time to time
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    01-31-18 05:18 PM
  5. Drg84's Avatar
    If you really want to give your phone a fresh start, delete the cache before powering down. it makes a big difference. To do that you go settings, storage, internal storage and clicked cached data.
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    02-01-18 11:34 AM
  6. Crusader03's Avatar
    Great advise. Thanks,
    02-01-18 03:33 PM
  7. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I reboot my phone from time to time, once or twice a week. Maybe once a month I'll clear the cache.

    On my old Moto, I usually did a factory reset after each quarterly update, as there always seemed to be performance issues. With my S7 and it's montly updates, I've only done one Factory Reset and that was more to get a feel for it on this phone.
    02-02-18 09:35 AM

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