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    I grabbed my KeyOne from Bell and paid $0 dollars for it (kudos to the guy at my local Bell store for calling loyalty and getting this deal for me).

    On launch day I tried getting it at the store closer to my office but they were sold out. That's why I waited after work and called ahead to put one on hold.

    I got to the store and a rep told me they were sold out. I insisted I had called in advance and put one on hold. But it seems useless as he reiterates they can't put devices on hold, that it is first come first serve. As we are arguing the manager shows up and offers to help.. Anyway, he confirms my phone is actually on hold as he had taken my call.

    While waiting for the paperwork I wonder around the store and a young woman shows up and rushes straight to the KeyOne (demo unit) and starts playing with it. Eventually she asked the same rep for a unit to upgrade her phone. But she is told there is no more inventory and needs to try again maybe the next day... phew.. Lucky me, I truly got the last unit.

    Anyway I walked away super happy and ready to set it up.

    I cannot tell you how a.w.e.s.o.m.e this phone is. I had my doubts as I come from a dtek60 and passport se, so I wasn't sure I would be 'upgrading' by getting the KeyOne. But it is a fantastic device.

    For me, the main reasons for loving the KeyOne are: It looks like nothing else out there (glass slabs) the design is retro cool but this time with no more compromises on a blackberry, looks and smarts at its finest; the battery life is out of this world; the camera truly is amazing including low light; and finally that keyboard, no doubt it takes the interaction with the phone/os to the next level (like no other phone can, fact)... love the shortcuts, swiping, etc. I was kind of concerned with build quality after 2 privs that honestly sucked.

    In a sea of so much negativity on these forums, I can tell you my experience so far has not been average, but f*** awesome.

    On the weekend of course I showed it off to my friends, an iPhone guy said he misses the keyboard but didn't like the latest bb phones, but after a small tour he said the KeyOne will be his next upgrade this year...

    Sorry for the long post, but had to share my personal experience
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    I stopped into a local Bell store on the weekend hoping to test out a working display unit. Unfortunately they only had a dummy unit but in talking to the sales rep he was saying how blown away he was with the demand for the KEYone and that it was "like an iPhone launch" with people lined up for it on release day.

    I was able to play with a working unit over at the Rogers store and was very impressed. I'll certainly be upgrading to one in the next month or two.

    Q10SQN100-1/ | Bell
    06-05-17 12:15 PM

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