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    I currently have a KeyOne and have been a Blackberry user for many years. I have always kept my Contacts as "local" after an unfortunate incident where I accidentally was syncing to a Google account and my contacts got duplicated, re-arranged, and basically just obliterated.

    Now, however, I see the advantage to syncing with my Google email account as I tend to add new contact information on my phone and then when I am composing an email elsewhere, I don't have the information that I need.

    I went ahead and cleared out all the contacts in my Google account, set my settings on my phone to sync contacts with my google email account, however, I have not been able to populate Gmail (via my desktop or tablet) with my contacts from my Blackberry.

    Suggestions and advice on how contacts work and the best set up?
    11-28-18 05:32 PM
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    Local contacts are contacts stored on the phone. Contacts can be stored with Google or Microsoft accounts as well. You can have your contacts synced with services so switching devices is easier, but you lose security by doing so. I recommend keeping them local, but periodically exporting your contacts and saving them on a computer or other backup drive.Please educate me on Local Contacts vs. other options-screenshot_20181128-163706_contacts.jpeg
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    11-28-18 05:37 PM
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    To check if your contacts are syncing properly, you can go to contacts.google.com
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    11-28-18 05:39 PM

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