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    I'm still set on getting (trying) the KEYone and based on the problems that have been mentioned here I've got myself an interim phone.

    I'm giving my wife the pink S7edge smartgirl phone I bought for her but I've been using in an emergency, and was waiting for the S8 or Keyone. The S8s are not motivating me as much as I thought they would compared to the S7Edge, so I'm waiting for the new flagships coming out in October: the Note 8, the iphone 8 (although I'm not an Apple person) and the second revised batch of Keyones.

    In the meantime I got a Samsung J7 for 169 euros that will be easy to transfer my stuff from the S7e onto, and means I haven't splashed out on something expensive.

    The Sammy J7 should suffice till October or whenever the Keyone or other phone I like comes out.
    I think it's a VERY good phone for the price.

    So, how long will I have to wait?
    07-02-17 03:25 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    You may want to follow this thread.....

    07-02-17 04:16 PM

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