1. 7christopherr's Avatar
    I turned on picture password on my keyone yesterday but it keeps making me enter my password to unlock the phone. When I got up this morning I got to use my picture password 1 time and now once again it keeps going to my password and it says "for extra security enter your password" .

    Am I missing something?

    Every other BlackBerry I've had I simply turned on picture password and after that it was always turned on
    11-29-18 12:39 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Am I missing something?
    Yes, the fact that at random intervals your device will ask you for your password no matter what. After that check, it will stop asking and just let you use Picture Password until it decides again to do another random check. It generally happens after a long period of no use or a reboot.
    11-29-18 12:48 PM

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