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    Originally I purchased the KeyOne off Amazon and have the IMEI number. Staff at my facility have the individual on footage taking my phone and the cards and my state ID with it.

    Waiting for detective office to open to followup and ready to press charges. I have written report from facility that they are willing to help me pursue charges.

    Even though some of the stolen articles were found in suspects room and footage shows he took it, suspect denies everything.

    This maybe same person that created an account and posted to this forum a couple days ago with the thread "Am I in Trouble?"

    I provided that thread to the social workers at facility and they accepted it as evidence for the suspects file and will include that when detectives arrive.

    What other ways can I go about this issue to both restore my possession of a KeyOne and to prevent any chance of identity theft (My ID was not recovered).

    Thank you,
    02-06-20 08:47 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I doubt that tread was your "person"....

    But it's a good idea to report Identity Theft https://www.usa.gov/identity-theft

    I assume you used Find My Device in your Google Account to secure or erase your phone - erase you can't track anymore.
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    02-06-20 09:11 AM

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