1. dxvigne's Avatar
    Blackberry Classic veteran now with Keyone since June... love the device, however.. When I use the the physical keyboard to dial a phone number, more often than not the phone number simply disappear..and have to retype it.. No issue when using the 'tap/ virtual keyboard'. Am I the only out there with this issue?.. Something I'm not doing right when using the pkb to dial a phone number?
    08-30-17 05:39 PM
  2. cbvinh's Avatar
    Yes, I'm seeing the same thing. If there's /any/ swiping motion on the physical keyboard, the number will be erased. If you carefully tap the digits on the physical keyboard with quick presses, it works, but if you slide your finger around at any time, it'll erase the number. Definitely needs a software fix.
    08-30-17 06:04 PM
  3. pooyam's Avatar
    08-30-17 06:09 PM
  4. dxvigne's Avatar
    Ah! Thanks.
    08-30-17 06:27 PM
  5. undefinederror's Avatar
    After playing around with it, I noticed it deletes the numbers as you swipe left AND THEN remove your thumb from the keyboard.
    If you keep your thumb touching the keyboard the entire time between button presses, (glide your thumb around on the surface) you won't delete any numbers.
    FF22 likes this.
    08-31-17 12:12 AM
  6. dxvigne's Avatar
    Yes, thanks. Leaving your thumbs/ fingers on the number keys, typing without lifting your fingers from the keys works!
    09-05-17 11:41 PM

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