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    So having had the KeyOne for a 3 days now it appears there is an audio problem when I'm on the phone. I've had lots of customer tell me I sound terrible. I normally use a corded headset (it's actually the Microsoft All-Day Sound comfort headset. On my previous phone (Lumia 950 XL) people never mentioned a single thing about the quality. On this phone they said I sound like I'm in a tunnel.

    After some testing, here is what I discovered.

    1) With the cabled headset connected, the audio sounds terrible and muffled. I was told it sounds like I'm in a tunnel and they can't understand what I am saying
    2) On the same call if I remove the headset and use the phone, it sounded better but not great. Still has tunnel sound
    3) Whilst still on the same call if I switch across to a Savi 720 Bluetooth headset, the audio is a lot better

    I also wanted to see what audio sounded like over the internet with something like a Skype audio only call.

    1) Skype audio only call - Cabled headset audio was amazing. Perfection really. HD and very nice
    2) Switched across to Bluetooth and audio quality was still amazing. Little quieter but I put that down to the headset. Excellent quality.
    3) Same skype call but with handset, audio excellent, HD quality, able to our cat in the garden meowing.

    So testing two types of call, traditional phone call and Skype audio call. Skype audio call was perfect all the way. It was using my broadband connection but quality was amazing. It also proved that my cabled headset, Bluetooth head and phone mic and speaker all worked perfectly. Nothing wrong there. But switch across to telephone all and it all goes wrong. It seems there is a big problem with sending my voice over the phone lines.

    I'm going to test this again in the car, making a call to my wife's phone to rule out anything else.

    In terms of updates I'm still on April, not had the June update come through yet but I don't know if that will make any difference.

    And for the record, audio via the headset is really good. No issues with listening to music or podcasts.

    Has any experienced the same thing or know of any fixes?


    PS: From the UK and got the phone from Carphonewarehouse, so I'll probably go back later today to get a replacement.
    06-13-17 12:29 PM
  2. HumuHumu's Avatar
    Got an update:

    So I decided to take the car out and try the phone in the car. Via the Bluetooth audio it was ok but via the headset it was terrible. It's then we discovered that the microphone on the headset isn't being used. Instead the earphones are working ok (I can hear perfecvtly) but the Mic being used is the phone. We proved them by placing the phone in the car glove compartment. Sure enough my wife couldn't hear me. Take it out and she heard me. Point the bottom of the phone away from me, nothing. All muffled.

    Tested the above with a Skype call and it's the same thing. So looks like my mic input on the phone could be broken.
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    06-13-17 01:49 PM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Have to wonder if there aren't several with this issue also. Hope a replacement does the job.
    06-13-17 03:09 PM
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    Tested the above with a Skype call and it's the same thing. So looks like my mic input on the phone could be broken.
    So wait...if it's not using the headset mic, what happens when you mute the headset mic? It continues picking up the phone mic? D:
    06-14-17 08:53 AM
  5. HumuHumu's Avatar
    Update: Went back to carphonewarehouse in the Uk where I purchased the phone. Turns out that as they are an authorise Blackberry repair shop , they wanted to perform some diagnostics. They connected my phone to a PC and done something (didn't see) which caused an app to run on my phone and play different sounds. In other words they were testing all the audio features. Now I had already demonstrated to the person the problem and they agreed it was a problem.

    Of course the diagnostics all passed with flying colours. No issues but then again we didn't test the corded headset mic. She was about to give me another phone and said she would just try another headset. And guess what. It worked. She tried an Apple Earpod headset. On comparison of my Microsoft headset, there is the tinniest of differences. (see photo).

    So it does appear that my headset isn't compatible with the Blackberry KeyOne. Maybe that little extra bit of metal near the base of the connector means it's not making a full connection.

    Cheap headphone that worked is in the left and the Microsoft headphone on the right.

    Phone call audio issues - My findings-untitled.png
    06-14-17 02:45 PM
  6. mrhobbsworth's Avatar
    On a related note (maybe), I recently figured out that a plug with two white lines will not work with the radio app. I had to use a plug with three white lines. It seems that this device is particular about what you insert into it.
    06-14-17 02:51 PM
  7. h16's Avatar
    I think its the switch inside the headphone socket. Likely it has a low, so to speak, tolerance on plug's positioning, so it doesnt disconnect the phone mic and doesnt connect the headset mic, when your microsoft plug is inserted.
    06-14-17 04:47 PM

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