1. spacejammer's Avatar
    Anyone have this problem? I used to log in to Password Keeper using the Fingerprint reader. That option just vanished. Poof! I tried using my 4-digit numeric password and it did not recognize it. What?!? Now what?

    Also, to back up my entire KeyOne Blackberry, do I just rely on Google to store all my stuff? I am assuming that there is not any kind of desktop software for the KeyOne. I tried plugging my BB directly to my PC with a USB, but my PC did not recognize anything plugged in, so I was not able to use Explorer file manager to retrieve any files, ie. pictures.

    Anyone have any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
    02-04-19 08:57 PM
  2. Z10nite's Avatar
    I have backed up my memory card to my PC on numerous occasions. when you plug in you have to wait for the pop up that say data and charge, then a secondary pop up asking what you would like to do. click transfer files. I find the Keyone is annoying, because if the phone isn't on you Don’t see the prompts.
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    02-05-19 12:29 PM
  3. BBuso77's Avatar
    I use a MEEM Memory cable to back up my KEYone. Once you have the cable, download the app from the playstore.
    The cable comes with a micro usb end (that fit Passport) so I bought an adapter (micro usb female to usb-c male)
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    02-05-19 12:48 PM

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