1. mfreedmn97's Avatar
    I've set up my O365 email on my Keyone.

    Sends and receives normally.

    The thing I cannot seem to get working is that I have many DRAFT folders and they are not syncing at all. For example I might have a draft folder called 'Correspondence' . In that folder would be important emails I saved for future reference. None of them show up. Yes I have SYNC FOLDERS enabled. But while the folder shows up in the list and it's checked off to sync the folder is 'empty'.

    Any ideas how to solve this ? It's a deal breaker for my needs. Love everything else about the phone. Love the Hub. But my iphone worked. At this moment, keyone does not and that would be something I cant work with - I need this functionality every day for business.

    P.S. Update more info. I can SYNC 30 days or less and it shows up but no way to sync more than 30 days it seems. Every time i select ALWAYS to sync it show "No Items In This View" message.
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    08-29-17 10:26 AM
  2. TheGraduate's Avatar
    Could this be an administrator toggle, I am assuming this is an enterprise setup?
    08-30-17 03:03 PM

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