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    I just wanted to share a positive experience with an out of warranty repair for my keyone. I bought this Keyone from Rogers (a cellphone provider in Canada) last May. A week ago the screen came apart. I could still use the phone with a little tape and rubber band. I decided to open a case ticket with Blackberry Mobile and see if they would fix it (without any charge). I immediately received fedex labels purchased a special box designed for mailing cellphones (from Canada Post retailer who have setup inside Shoppers Drug Mart). In about 4 days I had "a" keyone in my hands! The invoice from TCL (Alcatel) repair centre located in Mississauga, Ontario said, "Unit Exchanged" The document indicates my IMEI "in" with a new IMEI "out". The casing is new, all of the cameras have those clear pieces of sticking tape covers of them as well the blackberry logo on the back. way to go blackberry mobile!! I am very satisfied with my experience! I am happy to answer any questions about this experience!
    07-22-18 03:11 PM
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    glad to hear you had a good experience. especially out of warranty.
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    07-22-18 05:48 PM
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    This makes me feel better, as mine is also out of warranty and was wondering how it would be handled if my screen fell out.

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    07-23-18 10:05 AM

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