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    I've just got the Keyone and love it. The only slight issue I'm having is with the open windows screen. (The screen that appears when the square button on the display is pressed) On previous models all of the open windows were the same size and stayed in place making it faster to switch and delete other screens, however, now the windows are different sizes and move around while changing sizes as others are deleted. A tiny issue for me but one that I'm hoping there's an option for. Can anyone explain if this is something can change? Any help much appreciated
    12-09-17 01:36 AM
  2. cuda01's Avatar
    Settings/Display and there is an Option (don't know the Name in english) you can change the open windows in three different options. One Option is rolodex, the other are called (in german) Kacheln and Mauerwerk (stupid names)
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    12-09-17 03:06 AM
  3. hlenton's Avatar
    Works perfectly thank you!
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    12-09-17 03:27 AM

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