1. d-laybook's Avatar
    So I have had my KEYone for a week now after buying an unlocked one from Clove UK and having it shipped over the pond.

    Last night, I saw my Galaxy S7 sitting on my desk and figured I would boot it up just for kicks. I couldn't believe how much it I liked my new BlackBerry compared to my S7 (and I really liked my S7).

    For me the highlights are:

    1) The keyboard is so nice to type on. I really love the PKB. I know it's not for everyone but it makes the user experience for me so much more enjoyable.

    2) The unique form factor. It's only when you see something really different that you realize all the other phones are so similar. Even looking at the Essential phone revealed today, they all look so alike. They're all just glass rectangles. Big ones, small ones, tall ones, ones with metal backs and ones with glass backs. This phone just looks different and I love that.

    3) The keyboard shortcuts! They have changed the way I interact with my phone. I have only 4 apps on my homescreen and a few widgets for info. Everything else is accessed through the keyboard shortcuts. I can't say how much I love this verses having one or more screens full of icons. It's marvelous! This is my home screen below.

    A friend and I used to be phone enthusiasts, always wanting the latest new phone but over the past while we've commented on how nothing has intrigued us for quite a while. As I said before, they're all just so similar. Certainly nice devices but nothing in one that made us want it or "have to have it." After showing him this phone he also said "I'm getting one of these."

    Great work BlackBerry and TCL on putting out what I think is a real winner. Maybe not for everyone but certainly is for this guy!
    Attached Thumbnails One Week with the KEYone-4372.jpg  
    05-30-17 03:08 PM
  2. gjh1978's Avatar
    What is the calendar widget you're using?
    05-30-17 03:11 PM
  3. mithrazor's Avatar
    Awesome, glad to hear you like your KEYone!

    What calendar widget is that?
    05-30-17 03:11 PM
  4. JOHNGAETANO's Avatar
    Whats the Widget? Also, any issues with Bands in the USA? I haven't had any yet, BUT, I am wondering if I need to buy the USA version to use on the AT&T Network? Just wondering if the UK version will cause me issues that I havn't experienced yet
    05-30-17 03:31 PM
  5. d-laybook's Avatar
    I use DigiCal+. Great full featured app and widget with tons of options!
    05-30-17 03:33 PM
  6. d-laybook's Avatar
    Im in Canada, not the US but I am also on Rogers which uses all the same bands as ATT. I have had no issues with the bands at all. I looked on the Clove website before buying and the factory unlocked ones supported all the bands I would require with Rogers and what you would need with ATT.
    05-30-17 03:41 PM

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