1. joe2pike's Avatar
    Hey, I'm in love with Blackberry and always will be. Ever since my 8330, then 9810, Z10, Z30, now Dtek50. (don't miss the physical keyboard)

    There are things I miss about the older 10-os. I still find myself at times swiping the screen to wake it up... then realizing that was long ago.

    I also remember wearing bell-bottom pants back in the early seventies, but not wearing them now.

    even the iPhone contracts out it internal parts. And it's mentality is, costing more must mean is is better.

    My BB Dtek50 still has the 'hub" and is the most secure Android-OS mobile out there.

    Just to be sure, I installed NO-Root Firewall. With it I can say yes and no to anything...!
    06-26-17 10:10 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    BB10 was, honestly, a great platform, at least technically. I still think it was the most beautiful from a sheer aesthetic point of view. But without developer support, it was doomed.

    The Hub has become at least usable in Android (I use it on my S7), and I'd like to think some of BB10's ideas will live on...
    06-27-17 08:38 AM

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