12-13-17 07:07 PM
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  1. forrestishmael's Avatar
    Got mine! Official "I got my KEYone" thread-img_1512588759081.jpgOfficial "I got my KEYone" thread-img_20171206_192226.jpg
    12-06-17 10:56 PM
  2. uaegangster111's Avatar
    I just got mine . Lets see how long does it take to get used to it .

    Official "I got my KEYone" thread-imag0073.jpg

    Official "I got my KEYone" thread-imag0074.jpg
    12-07-17 05:00 AM
  3. thokir's Avatar
    Say, got my Keyone yesterday. Really great device, but there are two points to complain...

    At first, the well-known issue with the word-substitution and it's missing %b for backspace. But hopefully there'll be a way to work with it.

    Second, I can only scroll on the upper two rows of the keyboard...I guess I got a little fail there and should ask for a replacement? Or is that normal?
    12-07-17 07:29 AM
  4. hoytbowhunter's Avatar
    Wanted to replace my Classic. Was initially put off by the price of the keyone. Tried a priv but wasn't terribly impressed with feel of the phone or battery life and went back to the classic for a while. Finally sprang for a keyone black edition. Totally worth it. Phone feels solid, like a tank compared to contemporary smartphones. Typing is great even before learning to use the fancy keyboard features. Battery life reminiscent of my old 9650. I still wish it had a trackpad and removable battery, but even so it is a glorious device.
    It more less has a removable battery, the back cover snaps on and off so easy and the battery is right there. What's odd though is the battery is glued in with some very strong glue, I think they should have put that glue on the screen and the screen glue on the battery lol.
    12-07-17 07:47 AM
  5. hoytbowhunter's Avatar
    I don't like the emojis on android, prefer the ones from ios
    Me either man, but when the Oreo update arrives we will get brand new emoji's and they look great! They are a bit similar to Apple's and Samsungs. If you want to check them out just Google Oreo's new Emoji's.
    12-07-17 07:53 AM
  6. lajam's Avatar
    Got my Keyone via blackberrymobile shop one week ago. Black edition with a free flipcase. Not sold at all. Bad reception (my 4-year old Q10 has better reception), android needs to many modifications (and it's very intrusive as expected), it's very annoying. Not at all intuitive. But looks great. I need to adjust to the size. It obviously feels way too big and heavy (compared to my Q10). The screen is nice. Obviously, being able to have the apps I needed (and didn't work on my Q10 even with Coblat's tricks) is really appreciated. I didn't use the camera yet (I barely used it on my Q10). Internet navigation is not great (better on my Q10 for the few websites I visited). So after one week, I have really mixed feelings. Having a bad connection is really painful. I will update my review in few weeks to see.
    12-07-17 08:36 AM
  7. lajam's Avatar
    I forgot to mention the battery life: awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12-07-17 08:40 AM
  8. sesp9's Avatar
    Received my black edition KEYone a few days ago and has been great so far! I believe this version should of been the first release because the screen will not pop off now! lol
    12-07-17 11:37 AM
  9. uaegangster111's Avatar
    Same here I just got it today. I am relieved that it's a new batch. I must say that my hands move freely due not using the passport anymore.
    12-07-17 11:50 AM
  10. brianwiebe's Avatar
    I'm waiting. Was to be delivered yesterday but Bestbuy.com says it is delayed, with no delivery date offered. Anyone else experiencing this? (Central California)
    12-07-17 01:00 PM
  11. toadyy's Avatar
    I'm waiting. Was to be delivered yesterday but Bestbuy.com says it is delayed, with no delivery date offered. Anyone else experiencing this? (Central California)
    Considering the fires that are in Ventura and LA County is probably why.
    MB64 likes this.
    12-07-17 01:05 PM
  12. BrassFace's Avatar
    Exclusive BB user since 2006

    Upgraded to KeyONE (BBB100-2 model) and using it exclusively for past 10 days

    Coming from using combo of Q10 + Priv for past two years

    Chose Silver Edition over the black (no difference in upgrade cost) – much more striking and gorgeous from every angle, even face-down

    Keyboard is superior to that of the Priv, no question. The Priv’s was trash. Not as good as the Q10’s, but near enough for me to be very happy indeed!

    92 apps later and still noticeably zippier than the Priv, so, yes, a clear upgrade

    Rounded, iPhone-esqe edges make it feel slippery to pick up off a flat surface

    Extremely solidly built and great weight distribution

    Instagram is perfect on it

    Screen coating looks extraordinarily premium and glossy when switched off (and wiped clean!)

    Convenience key way too easy to activate - I set it to do absolutely nothing

    Call quality is perfect, though range/reception is about 50% of what Priv and Q10 have at my place

    Keyboard scrolling is limited to top three row when scrolling in portrait screen orientation…the four bottom keys (except the spacebar) are active only in landscape mode.

    Not a heavy SnapChat user, but the front camera’s quality made me want to cry…and I’m a business user! Not sure I will ever use it except in hyper-optimal lighting conditions.

    Watching other people’s/companies stories is not too bad as the cropping just trims off maybe 15%, so most text at the bottom of the screen is readable (or guessable!)

    I tried recording a video message via Skype and the quality is also very, very poor, and the format is skewed. I had to record via my Priv in the end, which is perfect.

    92 apps installed – still relatively snappy, but over 7-8 apps open can cause some funky business (redraws)

    Hate that when you hit the Square and bring up all open apps via the ‘Rolodex view’ that the ‘X’ isn’t visible immediately for you to shut down apps…it has an animation you need to wait almost a second for. 70% of the time I’m closing apps, so that adds up. Needed to choose the ‘Masonry’ view, which I don’t like.

    Love that when you double-tap the square you go back to the last open app. Working between two apps is super smooth.

    Split screen is great and easy to both activate and cancel
    Bit of a lag when scrolling through thousands of photos spread across internal memory and MicroSD card

    Screen is beautiful and sharp (sharper than Priv) though not as bright

    Fingerprint sensor – whoooosh!!!

    Battery – I’ve recharged it four times in 10 days but can see its stamina building gradually

    Audio – speaker is loud and sound is robust. Via headphones, still not as good quality as my Priv or Q10 using VLC and the same EQ tweaks

    All in all, think I’ll have a great relationship with this little phone
    forrestishmael and texn884 like this.
    12-11-17 04:40 PM
  13. Geffen's Avatar
    I must have missed this thread, I got my Keyone a few weeks ago from AT&T online after watching the Podcasts from Crackberry Kevin, i'm a long time Blackberry user from the days of the Curve. After using the Keyone it's been so much easier to type out emails. I don't see much advertising for the Keyone, i'm surprised AT&T isn't carrying the Keyone in their stores like Sprint does. I noticed other Countries are getting more of a push for the Blackberry devices than here in the US. Does anyone know if this is the way the releases will be going forward?
    12-12-17 07:56 PM
  14. BallisticMissionary's Avatar
    Just ordered the black edition. Upgrading from my current iPhone SE. I went Droid X > Bold 9930 > Q10 > Red Passport (best phone ever) > iPhone SE...

    I miss my keyboard! I still have my Limited Edition Red passport in mint condition not being used anymore. I really miss that device. But I think I’ll sell it, too gorgeous to be gathering dust.
    12-13-17 07:07 PM
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