1. Devil's Avatar
    So, on the PRIV I used to get my Google Apps emails in roughly ~1 minute or sometimes right when it hits my web inbox.

    On Keyone, I'm noticing delays of up to 10 minutes! Not only that, sometimes I don't get a notification for an email.

    Other apps, like Facebook Groups, Skype, or Zoho Email don't even get notifications unless I happened to open them to use. So say I go to Zoho Email app, send an email and close it... a few minutes later if I get a reply - that works and shows up and sound goes off.

    But I don't know when... but it just switches itself off and I don't get any more notifications.
    Anyone else seeing this too?
    08-21-17 06:51 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Many threads on the background services bug going back 2 months. Known issue. Nothing to be done until BlackBerry issues a fix.
    Devil likes this.
    08-21-17 07:04 PM

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