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    I LOVE my KeyOne and I'm sure we all have some things we would ask for or change.
    Tell us a few things TCL should consider when making the next Gen KeyOne and I will add it to the list below. Keep it simple people.

    1 - Waterproof
    2 - Wireless charging
    3 - I've gotten used to the keyboard now and after using my bold for a day to compare I would not chang the keyboard any longer. (Keyboard like the BOLD 9900 (imo the best keyboard))
    4 - Beaming functionality for bar codes like on the Samsungs. I didn't realize how useful this function is until I tried to scan my air miles at a gas station and it just wouldn't.
    5 - Radio to function without the headphones inserted. The headphones currently act as an antenna and it won't work if the headphones are not inserted.
    6 - More RAM - definitely!
    7 - Stereo speakers

    1 - Suggestions from HUB should be able to be cleared
    2 - Instagram is laggy and often freezes

    1 - Proper pre-ordering procedure like Apple
    1 - Direct purchase of unlocked devices straight from BB Mobile
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    I think there is already a thread on it

    called Keytwo something like that
    06-17-17 03:32 PM
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    Ooops...my mistake...sorry I didn't check first. Moderators feel free to delete this thread.
    Here's the link people - https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb.../#post12913832
    06-17-17 03:49 PM

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