1. hanwar's Avatar
    I thought I'd share this new PC World review with everyone.


    Not everyone hates the KeyOne!
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    06-29-17 10:19 AM
  2. NightFire's Avatar
    I saw this review last night. It is quite the thorough and positive review. I hope we continue to see more reviews like this. It is just the sort of thing that BlackBerry needs.
    06-30-17 12:35 AM
  3. SK122387's Avatar
    I don't think people hate the KEYone, it's just that usually reviewers simply can't fathom why anyone would want a real keyboard in 2017.
    Reviews about BlackBerry phones have lately been written with the "we don't know who would want this, but if you do, then read on" sort of attitude, which is pretty terrible.

    It's like reading a review of a burger place written by a vegan that works for PETA.

    I do think the screen popping out issue hurt the launch, but maybe if there had been more units available at launch, more people would have had a perfect KEYone like I do, and the screen issue wouldn't have *seemed* so rampant.

    Unfortunately, the awesomeness of the KEYone is sort of overshadowed by a lack of availability of the phone itself and most OEM cases, confusion even for people who've placed orders, and of course the video showing that the screen had not enough adhesive (though I still don't know what people think is supposed to happen when they TRY and break a device).

    I love my KEYone and I hope that before too long, others have the opportunity to love theirs too.
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    06-30-17 12:58 AM
  4. traprjohn's Avatar
    Yelp, loving this phone. Still waiting for my case to ship, 2 weeks now. Hopefully by July. Long wait initially to get the phone from Amazon but glad I waited and did not go with something else. So far a very well built product!
    06-30-17 03:09 AM

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