1. David Lunn's Avatar
    Several weeks after an update I noticed that now when I get an email, text etc with the screen off I get a notification symble kinda similar to the samsung always on displays that appears dimly on the right side of the screen.

    The issue now is that when I go to press the the finger sensor to unlock the phone it wont work with these dim notifications showing which I used to love. Now I have to swipe the screen or double tap to take me to the lock screen and then use the finger print sensor. It's added another step that is just annoying.

    How to I disable these always on notifications or allow the finger print sensor to unlock the phone from that screen?

    When the screen is completely off the finger print sensor opens the phone right up, but it wont if there are these notifications.
    03-15-18 12:18 PM
  2. bcjci's Avatar
    If you want to turn off notifications, just go Settings/Notifications/Configure(the cog icon)/On the lock screen, and set it to Don't show notifications at all.

    Don't know if that will help though. I use picture password and I still have to swipe up if the notifications are off on the lock screen.
    03-15-18 03:01 PM
  3. shannonkish's Avatar
    Why are you pushing the fingerprint on the screen to unlock? I use fingerprint unlock and simply put my thumb on the spacebar to unlock. I do not have to push the fingerprint button first.
    03-15-18 06:31 PM

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