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    I know the natural naming convention of a product that contains a number would be the next number, right? Well, I really don't like the look or the sound of the word, "KEYtwo, KEYthree, KEYfour, KEYfive, etc" at all. Just sounds terrible.

    I was hoping BB Mobile will keep the KEYone as the name of the series and consider these alternatives similar to either BlackBerry's old Naming convention, or a combination of BB and Motorola's, Samsung, or LG's etc. naming conventions for the next iteration of this smartphone series, below. These would also help if they will consider making some design tweaks for each series and see what sticks.

    1) KEYone Plus, Pro, Bold, Pearl, Curve, etc.

    2) KEYone A, A2, A2+, A3, etc. Or A20, A30, A40, etc.

    3) KEYone S, S2, S2+, S3, etc. Or S20, S30, S40, etc. (really any Letter and Number combination)

    I particularly like the sound of a BlackBerry KEYone Bold, to be honest.

    Sony's iteration mixing multiple letters like XZ1 is pretty bad, so I wouldn't go with that either.

    Just a few suggestions. What do you guys think? I hope @BlackBerry Mobile considers this at least!
    10-02-17 03:30 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Cart before the horse.....
    10-02-17 09:02 AM

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