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    I guess the real question I have, which doesn't really seemed to be addressed is: how much of a pain in the rear is it to switch back and forth?
    Forgetting reviewers whom change their phones like socks and underwear and use the word "daily driver" as a badge of honor.
    I am simply trying to assess the viability of this product that seems to be all over the map on quality with calls, build etc.
    So IF I switched my trusty solid Passport to the K1, all I am asking is:
    a) How quick could I switch back?
    b) What data is expected to be lost?
    c) Will BBM have to end and restart with a different Pin? (I only have 1 contact using it but still).
    d) In order to make sure there's a continuity, to those of you that flip all over the place, do you just keep the phones on so that their email/contacts are in sync?
    Any opinions on this are helpful and thanks!
    10-06-17 12:19 PM
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    depends on the amount of files you are transferring over but I wouldn't consider it a problem.

    Lost data
    password keeper data will not automatically transfer, you have to backup and restore.

    BBM pin
    I don't think you get a new pin, don't think mine changed when I switched. since a few days ago, you can create a custom pin for free so you should be ok regardless.
    10-06-17 01:37 PM
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    I run my passport and my keyone simultaneously.

    Unless you have BBM Enterprise, once you switch your BBM to android - its stuck there. You won't be able to migrate back. So you will need two BBIDs. one for your passport, and one for your android. I would recommend making a new one for your keyone. Then simply add your single contact to both accounts. You could even make it a group chat between your two BBID's and your contact so the messages sync on both devices.

    For password keeper - You can export an encrypted password backup from BB10 to Android, but not the other way around, its not backwards compatible.

    For email, you can run both simultaneously. If you delete a message on one phone (and the server), it should be deleted off the other phone.

    For contacts, use an email provider which allows for CardDav contact sync. Then save all your contacts to that account. That way contacts arne't saved locally to your phone, and they will sync simultaneously on both.
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    10-06-17 01:53 PM