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    When the Keyone came out two years ago, I was excited about it. I always love a Blackberry because of the PKB. When my Q10 broke, I went to other Android devices. I had okay experience but no love for any of them. They are just tools that helped with navigating my daily life.

    I finally got one last year from a fellow blackberry guy. He updated to Key2 and sold the Keyone to me.

    My first thought was that the phone was heavy. it is heavy because of the PKB. It is easy to get used and the additional weight is okay.

    After a year of using it, Here are my thoughts. I am going to tell you what I don't like about the phone first and the post will end with a positive note.

    1) I don't use many apps and I only use one social media app, Instagram and I use other social media through Crhome. Yet, I get the device memory Low warning often. I have never had this warning with my old LG G4 and I haven't changed my phone using experience. I partly blame the BlackBerry Hub for it. Although I have no evidence but I think that could be the reason

    2) After using the Keyone for a few months, I started to think what can go wrong with the phone if I keep using it and I instantly thought of the PKB. I imagined that the keyboard will break at the worst moment, like in the middle of a trip. My fear didn't happen as I thought It would. One of the keys fell off just days before my recent trip. I panicked for a few moments, but a quick drop of glue, it was fixed. The fix is still good, but I fear that other keys may be popping out soon.

    3) A lot of people had concerns about the build quality of the phone and it had shown that it was questionable from start. My second issue with the phone happened last week. I was on a call with my wife, and the earpiece speaker broke. Not again, I thought. I had the same issue with my Q10. It wasn't a cheap fix that time. I called around and found a place that will fix it for 60 but they don't have the part in stock. The shop ordered it after a cash deposit, and the part should arrive in a week or two. In the mean time, I am using a wired headset for phone calls

    4) The phone is slow. My now retired G4 felt faster. The phone will get you to website and give you the directions via GPS, but it will take a few more seconds. I have to wonder if the 4gb version is better

    5) Screen Size. The Screen size didn't bother me at first, but I am starting to want a bigger screen. I am getting older and my eyesight is not getting better. a bigger screen is going to help me.

    6) SD card kept crashing. I use the SD card to store pictures and music, and it always end with a corrupted card after I listened to few songs. The most recent crash happened during my recent trip. The card was corrupted on the plane. I suspected that the corrupting card was the result of storing photos and music on the same card. I have since using the SD card exclusively for music and it is still going strong after a week. I now use the internal storage for pictures.

    Now you must wonder why I haven't gone to the store and get the a different phone. I am still using this phone because the battery is amazing. I can get at least 1 day with a single charge. During my recent trip, the phone served as the primary internet tool and I used it more than I would when I am at phone. With camera usage, internet surfing, emails, whatsapp, I was able to use the phone for a day. I brought along an external battery, but I have only used it once.

    When I am at home, the phone can easily last me 1.5 days. If I really monitor my usage and limit my screen time, I can use the the phone for 48 hours without a single charge.

    The PKB is also pretty awesome. It serves as a track pad I use it to scroll up and down, left and right. it is amazing. The extra shortcut keys on the pkb is also amazing. I can get to apps with the touch of a key. Also, I don't need to use the shift key to bring up the capital letter. I just need to press down the key longer. that is something a vkb can't do. I use the phone for lots of emails, txt, and writing my random thoughts during the day, and the PKB is a lot easier my my thumb.


    I still like the phone and I am keeping it until I found a good deal on a key2.
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    03-21-19 11:35 AM
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    my KEYᵒⁿᵉ popped screen during a long trip... it did not break the cable... a little duct tape and it was all good... even matches the silver top piece... when I got home, advanced replacement went smoothly and in a jiffy a new appearing device that has worked just fine
    03-21-19 01:30 PM
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    Quick update on the Earpiece speaker.

    On monday, I accidentally answered the phone without the wired headset, and the Earpiece speaker worked again.
    03-27-19 01:34 PM

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