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    Hi there got my K1 one week ago and wanted to share some basics and perspective coming from a Priv(which broke) and good ol PPSE which will continue to be my backup

    Durability - I feel like the phone is strong and love how solid it feels. It's not as hanky as the PPSE but it feels a lot more durable than the Priv. (My PRIV was a bit of a lemon I think lol.) I have no screen issues so far but I am being careful because of what others have indicated. I did survive a scare where it looked like the back had broken off but it easily clipped back in no issues as reading on here this is not a big concern.

    Keyboard - Not as much space as the PPSE but more than the Priv. I personally enjoy the deep click feel but can understand why some might feel it's a bit stiff. It's definitely comfortable to type this out

    Phone Layout - I like it except convenience key is a bit hard to hit for me and so I just set it to HUB but I also have shortpress H for that. Easy to hit the buttons and have not had any issues yet.

    Android - it's going to be a similar experience as the PRIV except it's nougat. It's android but as with other BB you have a lot less bloat to disable. I love being able to setup the massive amounts of kb shortcuts as it let's you not need to have as many icons for a nice clean home screen.

    Personalization - I guess I still wish the apps would get dark themes for calendar, etc as it's weird to have it mixed up since hub has it and others don't. Things like recent being all white and hard to read and no calendar LED configuration are minor irritants but one would hope for that in the future since it's weird to upgrade and lose functions you find useful.

    That's it just short and sweet I love the phone can't put it down always trying to tweak something here and there so for me despite a few silly things very happy and do not regret taking the risk early
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    06-21-17 05:24 PM
  2. Cong Tuan Nguyen's Avatar
    can you elaborate in term of speed and performance compare to Priv?
    06-21-17 08:53 PM
  3. Thalakar's Avatar
    can you elaborate in term of speed and performance compare to Priv?
    I can't say at this point in my experience that it was notably slower or faster.

    I probably don't push the phone as much as some as mainly a business device.

    It's less cumbersome as the keyboard is always there and leaves out the choice of which one to use
    06-21-17 10:15 PM

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