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    Heh. On OnePlus review he called KEYone a "lagberry" and switched his "business" phone from KEYone to ONePLus5.



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    Lol, yeah saw that, had a good laugh. He did make some very good points though - people who claim its not for multimedia and is just for business use and all that garbage are apologists, this is 2017, a phone can't be a one trick pony.

    At the end of the day that is his decision, the K1 isn't for him and he made it clear.
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    06-25-17 06:19 AM
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    Speaking oneplus5, I was considering giving this one a look but I read somewhere that with the advent of their 'new' dual camera design setup, optical image stabilization for video capture was omitted. This feature was included in their previous phone, the Oneplus3T.

    So instead of getting smooth, steady video capture; Oneplus decided instead to focus on slightly enhanced image quality in regular shots, and gimmicky software features like blurring out the background in portrait photos - an effect, by the way, that can be easily achieved using simple mobile apps after the regular photo is taken.

    The Oneplus 3T is basically HALF THE PRICE of the 5....HALF. The phone is a year old. I won't even get started on the shady marketing/image tactics of Oneplus as a whole, but maybe take a minute to reconsider before buying.

    * edit * This guy explains the Oneplus deception pretty accurately
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