1. cavingjan's Avatar
    I've been playing with BlackPlayer as a music app. It isn't bad but two things that stick out for me. The first is I miss just typing and having it filter without having to click on the search icon. Is there a music app that starts filtering without having to click on the search button?

    Do any of the apps use keybaord shortcuts to play/pause, forward, and back? I just realized how much I miss the center button on the side of my classic and the long press to skip.

    I wish it didn't start in the tracks tab and just remembered where you were last. That would save some time but is minor for me.

    Thanks in advance.
    10-04-17 09:00 PM
  2. craig428's Avatar
    I can't be of much help with your first couple of questions, but you can set Blackplayer to open/return to a variety of different options. Not just the Tracks list. There are a ton of settings, maybe too many, but if you play around for a while you'll find you can make a lot of changes. It has a few quirks that are frustrating to me, but overall it's the best music app I've come across.
    10-04-17 09:16 PM

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