1. boryagin's Avatar
    If you use 3 or more languages, you are aware that older BlackBerry models like Priv switched keyboards based on usage.

    For instance, with my 4 languages, I use Latvian just a few times a week with my clients. English and Russian are used all the time. And Hebrew a few times a day mostly for studies.

    So when I am studying Hebrew with Duolingo, Priv used to notice the previous keyboard and switching between English and Hebrew was easy. With KEY2, I have to keep switching 3 times from Hebrew until the English keyboard is on.

    Does anybody know how to fix that? I couldn't find a setting to do that.
    01-14-19 02:17 PM
  2. Sigewif's Avatar
    Should this question be in the KEY2 forum ?
    But maybe it is the same issue with the KEYone. I use 2 languages, not 4 so don't have experience with this to be able to know how to respond.
    01-15-19 12:21 AM

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