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    Here's a strange one....testing the Keyone before deciding whether its a GO or NO GO. So far it's a NO GO because of the reception issue, however the Bluetooth was an issue and now its not (at least for a number of users) so perhaps the reception issue may get resolved (maybe not) only time and TCL will determine that. Anyway, my "head scratcher" is this, we are with Bell in Onatrio Canada, (corporate account) and have been given a loaner to test. The loaner already has the September update, mine does not. Strange.

    I have been involved with PC's and cell phones for a long time, as a result, I've concluded that there are many people who will "swear by" something (a phone, a car, a PC an ISP...whatever) while just as many others will "swear at" the same thing. Both sides are right....depends on their experiences. I've read many posts in here were people get personal with their comments if someone criticises a product/service. If you're not having an issue, great for you, but that does not mean someone else is dumb or "doing something wrong" because they DO have an issue. I get it, we all want whatever we use, work with or are associated with to be the best and everything else is not as good. We don't like criticism about what we use...it insults our intelligence...we chose an inferior product. WRONG. BlackBerry was the best, then along came a "startup" and did something different. I did not say better, because BlackBerry still is most efficient for emails and texting (IMO). However, today's generation uses other methods of communicating...more efficient FOR THEM.

    One of the reasons for the loaner is because several iphone users (former BlackBerry users) saw my KeyONE, and asked if they could give it a try because they didn't like the way iphone handled emails.

    Sorry for the long comment/quasi rant, but found it strange that two phones in the same office with the same carrier would have a difference in the level of update.

    Thanks for listening....I feel better now..lol

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    09-13-17 07:18 AM
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    The corollary is that some complain about a particular issue and subsequently make sweeping generalizations about the product. "My phone has {insert problem}, therefore all phones suffer the same issue and are {derogatory term}.

    BTW, your loaner may be factory-unlocked, which has already received the update ahead of Bell.
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    09-13-17 08:01 AM
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    Thanks for the response...I presume you're correct. Will confirm with the Bell rep.

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    09-13-17 08:09 AM

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