1. ashlani01's Avatar
    So my latest issue, which has been only happening for a week or so is if I'm not using my phone (i.e. not actively checking Twitter, IG, FB, texting, checking email, etc.) and a picture message comes through and then I check the message I just see a download icon, I click on it so it downloads the MMS message but it never downloads and in another text conversation with "UNKNOWN SENDER" it says "Message Not Found". I then have to ask the person to re-send me the picture. Sometimes I don't even get a notification that a MMS message has come through and don't notice that they tried to send it until I go into the conversation and see that horrible download icon.

    Anyone else having this issue? Or know a fix for it? Don't say use Textra that app has its ups and downs too.

    Side note, I'm so done with the Keyone, if you're thinking of buying it - don't. I know nothing about the Key2 and Key2LE, but don't think I'm going to waste my money on either of those phones either. I am just SO frustrated with all the issues with the K1 and seem to be having more and more the longer I have it. I have done multiple factory resets and that doesn't help much, issues still develop. /endrant
    12-20-18 10:12 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Anyone else having this issue? Or know a fix for it? Don't say use Textra that app has its ups and downs too.
    No, but I use Textra since Messages is a hot mess of Google's making.
    12-21-18 12:25 AM
  3. velkod's Avatar
    No, but I use Textra since Messages is a hot mess of Google's making.
    I use textra also, same issue for me too. Get an alert saying can't relieve photo. Then I have to click to try again to get it.

    Also, my msgs don't auto capitalize most of the time still. That's more annoying then anything
    12-21-18 01:28 AM
  4. 100bigdaddy's Avatar
    I am having problems with Messages too. Texts appear on the hub but when I "click" on them the texts do not appear on the Messages App. If I type a reply to the message the message disappears from the Hub and Messages and only the reply remains. I have seen somewhere that it could be a "sim card" problem. This will be my next "fix" attempt. I "think" have tried everything else ie disables, uninstalls, undoing updates,etc. The only thing I have not done is a factory reset and replace sim card. If the Simcard works I will report back.
    12-26-18 11:16 PM
  5. sandyhois's Avatar
    I had this issue if I had both wifi and data saver enabled when the mms was received. If I disable either wifi or data saver, the mms will download normally. As a result, I no longer use data saver.
    12-29-18 06:32 AM
  6. rango10's Avatar
    My KeyOne and my wife's Motion is doing the same thing. It's absolutely insane how corrupt the Android Messages app is. I've unfortunately reverted to Textra. it's not a bad app but I'd prefer the Android Messages app
    12-29-18 10:02 PM
  7. Grabber5.0's Avatar
    This problem sounds like it would affect any text messaging app. As for the secondary topic - there are only two things I like better about Google Messages over Textra: RCS support (since it hasn't been opened up to 3rd party devs yet) and the search field within a conversation. Messages is a real hot mess if you ever switch between text messaging apps or restore a backup - notifications for every message received since it was last used, even already read messages!
    12-30-18 10:15 AM
  8. kadakn01's Avatar
    I posted on another forum about issues with my key2 LE but I had issues receiving the messages as you did last week on my keyone as well. With respect to the key2 LE google is working on the issue from speaking to BB mobile as it pertains to Oreo . I am having to delete the cache and data on the MMS system app and restart the device for the messages to show in the google messages app. Part of the issue is that pictures and mms come as data unlike a single text message sent to one person.
    Regarding keyone, try another app as I had issues with textra as well recently
    12-30-18 03:46 PM

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