1. siglerm's Avatar
    Hello. I just re-started my KeyOne (after clearing the cache) and now, my clock doesn't show up on my home screen. If I push the power button once (not holding it down) it appears on the "off" screen, but on my home screen it is gone. Any suggestions on how to get it back? It is quite necessary and I also liked the "screensaver" function in which the time would appear on the screen throughout the night.
    06-25-18 04:37 PM
  2. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    Find your clock inside the widgets by long pressing and holding your clockless home screen and touching 'widgets' option. Drag the desired clock widget to your home screen.

    - long press the homescreen and touch widgets

    - find either the digital or analogue clock widget

    - drag the widget to your homescreen

    - adjust size accordingly

    Hope that helps.
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    06-25-18 04:53 PM
  3. siglerm's Avatar
    Thank you, Spunton.
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    06-26-18 02:35 PM

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