1. King Nith's Avatar
    I can confirm I have received Oreo (I still cannot post screenshot, administrator rules, but we all have Oreo).

    I don't have access to the "secret" Firefox on the locker app. Also speaking of the locker app is there anyway to put the Google gallery in the locker app.

    Also when I got Oreo I had sound recorder but I uninstalled it by mistake. There's no way to install the exact (yellow) color sound recorder app and I don't want to install third party apps.
    08-16-18 01:41 PM
  2. psychofox13's Avatar
    Isn't the Sound Recorder app a system app? Go to Settings > Apps > and look for it there. It might just be disabled, and needs to be re-enabled.

    As for the Oreo questions, I cannot assist. I don't have it yet.
    08-16-18 01:46 PM

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