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    Hi there,

    For a while I've been using my "premium" earphones that came with my Q10 (see attached picture). One day, however, microphone would stop working on them. I can hear music or the other end of a phone conversation, but no-one could hear me when using the earphones. In a meantime I got a DTEK 50, and those earphones work even worse with the new phone. When inserted fully, same problem occurs - I can hear, but mic does not work. When I "wiggle" them little, they would work (including mic) for a few seconds and then stop again. For comparison purposes, other generic earphones work well on my DTEK 50.
    What irritates me the most is that they work flawlessy (mic as well) with my daughter iPhone6...
    Any idea where the problem might be? It does not seem to be the phone (other earphones work on it), it does not seem to be the earphones (they work with other devices), but why would a combination of BB phone + BB earphones fail to work???

    Paul Z
    Attached Thumbnails Microphone not working on my earphones-s-l1600.jpg  
    01-04-18 02:14 PM
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    oops - posted in a wrong place. Should be under DTEX 50 forum...
    01-04-18 02:39 PM

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