1. rolfep's Avatar
    KEYone BBB100-1PRD-63116-001 ABP819

    I don't continuously use this default texting app, like some people I know
    So, it's hard to tell how often texts stop coming in. When I send one and it never shows delivered, I know to reboot the phone and will get texts from the previous day or two, along with that one going out. Is there any devel forum, here, where I could report this or does anyone know of a solution? I prefer staying with the stock app, if possible. Thanks.
    07-11-19 10:35 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Is there any devel forum, here, where I could report this or does anyone know of a solution?
    You can take the reports right to Google - https://support.google.com/messages/...y?hl=en&dark=1 Not saying you'll get an answer, but that's an official outlet for feedback and bug reports with Messages. I can't comment on the issue, hwoever, as I use Texta and have had no issues.
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    07-11-19 11:14 AM
  3. rolfep's Avatar
    My experiences with Godgle "help" have led me to believe that, if you were on fire, Sergey wouldn't pee on you unless he made a nickel on it.

    However, it's nice of you to explain my options and I did file an issue. I think I've seen one or two around here with a similar report and maybe someone would like to follow the thread: https://support.google.com/messages/...?msgid=9695111

    07-11-19 11:35 AM
  4. rolfep's Avatar
    Apart from the laughable "Platinum" support on my post to the Messages forum, it looks like another complaint of mine is widespread and getting the standard FO non-response from godgle: https://support.google.com/assistant...d/756644?hl=en I'm asking myself, "Is a PKB really worth it?"
    07-19-19 12:43 PM
  5. sandyhois's Avatar
    I had a similar issue with delayed sms text messages sent/received with the default messages app. My carrier is Sprint. They reset my sim profile and this appears to have improved the speed though it still seems a little slower than I remember. Test texts to myself take about 1 min to complete.
    07-20-19 03:34 AM
  6. rolfep's Avatar
    Thanks for the idea. This seems more like an on/off switch than delay. When I wasn't paying so much attention, it could be a couple days before I rebooted the phone and see the texts over that period get delivered to me all at once, right away. Again, there are times I don't make use of Messages for such a period and wouldn't necessarily notice the various alerts aren't arriving.
    07-20-19 06:57 AM

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