09-13-17 02:20 PM
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  1. gmoneyroxit's Avatar
    With all due respect, read what I wrote again. I said all my problems BESIDES the notification problem and the reception/signal problem were resolved. So no black paint had nothing to do with it. What Im just not buying is you can read LOL
    LOL, my apologies I totally read that incorrectly. Kinda like, "you're holding it wrong". Ha
    09-09-17 02:13 PM
  2. Emaderton3's Avatar
    Agreed. My company issues only iPhones for work mobiles (even though our CEO is a fellow BlackBerry addict). While I prefer the physical keyboard of my personal BB phone, I get emails out and work done on my company-issued slab.
    Yup, it's all preference. There is no competition. It is a false narrative.

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    09-09-17 02:23 PM
  3. Marcjcd's Avatar
    LOL, my apologies I totally read that incorrectly. Kinda like, "you're holding it wrong". Ha
    HAHAHAHA No apologies needed. What we need now is for AT&T to send this update and turn on WiFi calling.
    09-09-17 02:26 PM
  4. galifreiankid's Avatar
    interesting talk, I have reactivated my Passport and now run two phones and find I use the K1 less and less. To many issues and my Passport runs just fine. Of seven K1 users at work originally, their are now two, everyone has gone back to their previous device or bought new ones and have stated no more BlackBerry for them as it has either been software or physical issues. my hub doesn't send me my emails, even BlackBerry doesn't know why because all the settings are where they should be and my wifi continually disconnects. never had issues with my previous BlackBerry devices and you know what... I don't need a billion Apps anyway I need reliability
    09-12-17 05:25 PM
  5. blackberry4life79's Avatar
    This post sums up exactly how I'm feeling. I've posted several times on the non-stop bluetooth issues, etc. Luckily for me I use the hub for all things email and no notifcation issues but this is simply an incredible customer service flop. If I ran my business like TCL or Blackberry Mobile or whomever it is these days run thier business, I'd simply be out of business. I'm pissed...and now going to have to go buy another phone after dropping $550 for this. Simply disgusted.
    Exactly. Until BlackBerry and TCL take some ownership for this debacle, I am done with BlackBerry.

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    09-12-17 07:25 PM
  6. blackberry4life79's Avatar
    Lets be honest about this whole thing. This was Blackberry's final effort to gain some "mainstream" users to go back plus get hard core Blackberry users to move forward with them. And they screwed this up from go. Way before I decided to send this phone back yesterday, the release of this phone was handled horribly. They unveil the KeyONE and get great publicity and what happens next... They have to delay the release 3 months. They couldn't even capitalize on the great media exposure and publicity. Then when its finally released, the only 2 outlets to purchase the phone in the USA (Best Buy and Amazon) were sold out the morning of release day. Does Blackberry (or TCL) comment on the lack of inventory.... NO. Then when you finally get the phone its ridden with these annoying but easily fixed issues. OK maybe the signal issue is a hardware problem but don't for one minute tell me bluetooth connections and app notifications couldn't have been fixes immediately with an update. Does Blackberry fix anything... NO. And not only do they not fix any of this with the latest update but they also once again go mute and don't comment on any of it. Wheres Crackberry Kevin now? A post shows the screen pops out and he is on a video immediately showing how false that is. These forums are full of issues (some easily fixed, admittedly some harder to fix, and absolutely some non-issues that blackberry haters are just tossing in) and where's a comment from Blackberry now... NO WHERE. Where is Crackberry Kevin commenting on these problems... NO WHERE. And still with all that I wanted desperately to be able to use the KeyONE but with so many problems, no solutions in sight, and being totally ignored by Blackberry I had enough.
    Feel the exact same way. BlackBerry and TCL are done with hardware after this KeyOne debacle. Cannot believe people are already talking about the next phone in the pipeline.

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    09-12-17 07:30 PM
  7. mrsimon's Avatar
    with BB mobile.... . I suppose some people who don't use BTooth and live and work in steong signal areas won't notice this and will sing its praises.
    I'm still on my interim low spec Samsung J7 and it covers my work and play needs adequately, BT included. Fancy a BBM but seems that the longer we wait to buy, the better.
    09-13-17 04:24 AM
  8. pnfitz's Avatar
    I have lousy reception on this phone in my office at the centre of downtown Toronto next to a cinder block wall and my basement on the side of a hill; just like every other phone I've ever had. And that's good; people will remember to call me on a real phone. It's never dropped out and about. And no other issues, other than the capacitive keys being a bit flakey since the July update.

    Given the ugly looks I get at the office when I say to the Galaxy users I only need to charge it every other person day, Galaxy has a battery/power issue; they don't seem to even get 1 day.

    How's the physical keyboard on this new Galaxy? Glad someone else has joined the fray. Competition is good.
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    09-13-17 02:20 PM
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