1. Andrewtechunter's Avatar
    Hi, i was cycling with my phone when rain came. The KeyOne then turned off and back on and when it did it came up with a screen i had never seen - all black but for " To start Android enter your PIN (1/10)" and then a vertical flashing line. They physical keyboard wont work and the virtual keyboard doesn't appear. I CAN make emergency calls and so i used the virtual pad to trype my PIN then cut and paste into login screen BUT the keyboard isn't there to allow me to ENTER the number. I also cant get it to boot up n Fast Boot mode. The phone was working fine otherwise. I let it power out over night, tried a hard re-set and all the other basic stuff people will suggest. What are my options.
    06-29-18 12:55 AM
  2. ALToronto's Avatar
    If the keyboard doesn't work, the phone won't work. Get it repaired.
    06-29-18 09:08 AM
  3. psychofox13's Avatar
    Sounds like water damage? I doubt you could make a warranty claim. This phone is very much not waterproof or water resistant. Your only option would be to go to a repair shop and see if they can help.
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    06-29-18 10:18 AM

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