1. timo53's Avatar
    Hello there! Nice to meet all of you.
    It seems to be, that I have a (unsolvable) problem with my loved BlackBerry KeyOne... So I'm asking for your help.

    Went to bed with my phone switched on.
    Woke up and my phone was switched off.
    So I charged it and switched it on again.

    So the message appears: "To start android enter your pin" BUT my keyboard does not work at all.

    so I switched to "emergency call", tipped in my pin, copied it and pasted it to the login screen, BUT there is no option to "enter" my pin, because my keyboard does not work at all.

    Pressing the powerbutton shows me that there is an "Error Report" but I can't open it, because my phone is locked.

    Any ideas how I might get into my phone, besides of sending it to Blackberry?

    For any questions, or further needed information, just ask

    Thank you!!

    LG Timo
    06-02-19 11:27 AM
  2. wmatsura's Avatar
    Connect a USB keyboard via OTG adapter.
    06-02-19 10:56 PM

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