1. JAL1's Avatar
    Don't know exactly how to go about it, but can Crackberry Kevin and his team put an on line petition together so that AT&T will "whitelist" the Keyone so we can use full features, including Wi-Fi calling and not have to spoof IMEI to get VoLTE and LTE?

    The Keyone is a great phone but without this access, it is crippled for those of us who have bad reception at home or work.
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    06-05-17 12:12 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    For a petition to be of any value... it would need to be focused on AT&T customers, and more than just a few thousand. Think you'd have more luck posting on AT&T forum and contacting customer service about the issue.
    06-05-17 02:33 PM
  3. anon(5364777)'s Avatar
    I tried my channels. even with close friends at ATT. They don't seem to care to move the issue up tbh.

    Although I do not need to use wifi calling, HD voice i do miss on this line. My experience, although I have solid signal strength, there are at times delays in services/call quality. Im in South FL, i imagine att is not the same in each area.
    06-05-17 02:38 PM
  4. psychofox13's Avatar
    Get a MicroCell. Express your need and they'll have you do a few tests. ATT should provide it free, so if they try to charge you ask why there's a charge. Then if they don't buckle, ask about the cost of closing your account. They'll get defense and give it to you for free. That's how I got mine.
    A Microcell will need to be wired to a router and in a window (GPS needed during setup). Should solve your wifi calling issue, and it'll hopefully wake up ATT to enabling it on our phone's.
    06-05-17 02:44 PM
  5. duckduke's Avatar
    Agree 100%!!

    My prediction is that ATT could care less and will do nothing. We could send them a petition signed by 100,000 and all we would get a lame excuse (as if we are total idiots) as to why they can't do it.

    To my knowledge......... any phone that is NOT purchased in an orange/white box with an AT&T logo is purposely prevented from premium features such as Wifi calling. Most responsible carriers make these services available to all capable devices that are plan paying customers. In fact, AT&T is the only carrier I remember reading about that prohibits these premium services from being available to non-AT&T/carrier branded phones.

    In recent floods in my area one of the first major pieces of equipment impacted was the AT&T data center which flooded. AT&T was 100% down..... no calling, no data no nothing. Rain was falling, flood water was rising, power outages were growing, and AT&T was the only carrier that went down 100%.

    The emergency officials did receive a workaround from AT&T representatives which the emergency officials communicated to the public over TV/radio/etc. AT&T told the emergency officials to tell their AT&T customers to switch phone settings to "wifi calling". GREAT!! At that point in time only the newest iphones purchased in an orange/white box from AT&T had access to Wifi calling. All other phones, which AT&T blocks these features from, remained 100% down. (NOTE: Many customers also had no electricity. For some, this is when they learn that no electricity = no Wifi . When you have no wireless service, data or Wifi, it also amplifies the benefit of having FM.)

    My current and previous factory unlocked devices have NOT had access to Wifi calling thanks to AT&T.

    I can always hope ATT will change but unless the government or FCC forces them to, I doubt any change in this regard will happen. To me it's more of a public safety issue than anything. By blocking Wifi calling, FM, or other device cable services, it limits the communication of the public........ particularly in disaster and emergency situations.

    I will certainly sign any petition in this regard but will not hold my breath.

    P.S. - I am not an advocate of frivolous litigation. However, I think a class action lawsuit would work much better than a petition in dealing with AT&T. Another user on my same plan/$rate has services but those same services are blocked from my capable device.
    06-05-17 02:51 PM

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