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    I'm a long term holdout on a Classic but I dual carry with a Note 5. I've stayed with BB10 as my daily driver for :

    1. LED notification accuracy ( Hub++ / BeBuzz)
    2. Button driven sound profile switch (Doo)
    3. Unsend email (email++>not working now with 10.3.3)

    Has anyone found the Keyone able to approximate the above? I have the current experience on my Note 5 that LED notifications only show for the most recent notification, sound profile switching can't be done with hardware buttons and you can't unsend emails.

    The reason why I'm asking is if the Keyone can't do much better than my Note 5, I'm gonna grab a replacement Q20 running 10.3.2 and a PP9983. That should buy me another 12months of functionality. I ran the Note 5 as my daily driver for over 6 months and I simply found myself unable to smoothly do the basics. Yeah, the keyboard was a big factor but Android notifications/productivity apps haven't offered any benefits over BB10. I don't use any of the social media apps. My hypothesis why users of iOS/Android still remain productive with message management is that they religiously check and spend a great deal of face time with their device. My friends who don't live on their device constantly miss messages. Not having a go at those users, just personally don't like 'latest technology' vs less functionality.


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    08-08-17 05:15 AM

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