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    I use the BlackBerry calendar on my KeyOne and I'm connected to my friend via BBM who has a Pixel 2XL. We have noticed when we create a calendar event in our shared calendar (thru BBM) the notification alarm is off. I noticed that when I share an event via TripIt, it also creates the event but the notification alarm is off.

    If I just go into the calendar itself and create a new event, I can turn on the alarm notification. It is only when the BBM Group creates an event, or TripIt creates the event, that alarm notification is "off."

    Is there any way to turn the alarm on? I have looked in our BBM Group calendar settings, I've tried to go into the event to see if I can edit it to turn on the alarm - no go. Any ideas?
    06-17-18 05:31 PM
  2. siglerm's Avatar
    Noone has any experience or advice to share?
    06-18-18 05:35 PM
  3. psychofox13's Avatar
    Noone has any experience or advice to share?
    I always set my own alarms, so no advice here.

    Just to note: This is a forum. Don't expect immediate replies. Give it a few hours or a day.
    06-18-18 05:40 PM
  4. siglerm's Avatar
    Thanks psychofox. I am quite familiar with the forums as the people here are great and have helped a lot. I realize I sent my 2nd comment 19hours after the first - so to your point, not 1 full day, but pretty close. haha. Anyway, it appears that there isn't a current solution.
    06-19-18 12:15 PM

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