1. Shane F1's Avatar
    sorry if this is a double post ; I tried to publish my question but then I couldn't find it so I think it hasn't been posted but maybe I'm wrong.

    So I have an issue setting my shortcuts. I do everything that's required in the settings but then when I press a key, the mobile search app keeps openening instead of the app I wanted. And when I disable blackberry's mobile search, google's mobile search pops up. The shortcut just won't work. It's very frustrating, actually.

    I can't even find a setting to disable this freaking preset that wants a search app to open when I type a key.

    Any idea ?
    03-29-19 06:37 PM
  2. fixit1971's Avatar
    Check BlackBerry Launcher "typing action" setting
    Attached Thumbnails Keyone's shortcuts won't work-39515.jpg  
    03-29-19 08:24 PM
  3. Shane F1's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply ! Indeed, I made a search and saw that I wasn't informed enough and that shortcuts keys only work with the BB launcher. I've bought Button Remapper but it causes too much issues.
    That's strange, because preset shortcut keys used to work on my custom launcher until I tried to set mines ! However, I find it pretty... lame that they chose to use the launcher as the app that manages shortcut keys, instead of doing a standalone and silent app that would run behind and catch typings.
    That's a pitty that I couldn't afford a Key2 instead. This + my screen burnt right out of the box...
    Anyways. Thanks
    04-05-19 03:48 PM

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