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    I am rocking a KEYone and love it, but I still have a PRIV. My KEYone is so nimble and sleek, it just has such a good and solid feel in my hands. The battery life is awesome, and I am really liking the camera. However, since I have Digits set up with T-Mobile, I am able to use both my KEYone and my PRIV. My PRIV steps forward and does serve me very well for certain tasks, especially those that are better with a large screen. Part of my continued attachment to my PRIV is because I CAN continue to use it. (Digits makes that happen)
    I love the extended form when on a call, and have learned to balance it so typing on the PKB goes quite well.
    Of course my KEYone runs circles around my PRIV when it comes to battery life. People are astounded when they hear how long it continues. Since the "PKB is a must for me" is my slogan, I love the KEYone keyboard which is always there. This makes using keys to open apps so fun. I know you can program the PRIV keys but they are just so handy on the KEYone.

    So how is it? Is your KEYone your "one and only" daily driver? How about having two phones? The KEYone and a BB10 device? Or the PRIV, or one of the DTEKs? Do you look back, wistfully thinking of old favorites, or do you look ahead to the future, hoping for a great phone we haven't seen yet (Juno? Krypton)? Or is it a mixture?
    07-21-17 07:55 PM
  2. Matthew Davis7's Avatar
    My one and only. Gave my DTEK50 to my teenage son. Good riddance to poor battery life and typing on glass! Never really warmed up to my Priv, although it warmed up to me many times! 😂 Did love the screen, but then again hated it when straining to see it in bright daylight. Still have very fond memories of my Passport despite its unwieldy size. My 9900 was awesome, but in retrospect the screen was just too small, and the browser was too slow when trying to use it in recent years. Loved the keyboard and how easily in fit in my pocket. There are trade offs, which brings me full circle back to my KEYone. The nearly perfect compromise. Not looking ahead because I am very, very happy with my one and only.
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    07-21-17 09:18 PM
  3. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    for my the K1 is the perfect size fitting in between a classic and Priv size wise! the pkb was a tad too small on the Priv!
    07-22-17 11:28 AM
  4. anon(10252394)'s Avatar
    Priv ALT key is the worst offender being too small & too close to nearby keys... an error magnet

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-17 11:57 AM

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