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    Well, after many frustrating hours of trying to figure out what the charging problem on the Keyone is, I think I am getting closer.

    First, the problem started the day the keyone was at 1% and I plugged it in my car USB. It then went on and off for about 10 minutes until I realized it was not charging and I would get it done home.
    First time, the phone charged no problem (since it was plugged in when started).

    I soon realized it would not charge if I just plugged it in. It needed that restart while plugged in.

    I played around like hell. To the point I was almost ready to do the pressure test (put it on the ground and see if my car had enough pressure to crush it!)...

    In any case, I found out the following

    1- About 4 months ago, the blackberry desktop decided to become super slow and sluggish after one update... So I installed Nova desktop (pretty good).

    2- Process of elimination got me to switch the desktop to BB... During that time, I was about to leave and plugged it in the 12 v USB adapter. Not the car USB as it would not charge.

    3- At one point, I stopped the car and took the phone with me to run an errand. when I got back in the car, I plugged it back in the 12vUSB without thinking about it. When I got to the office, the phone was full charge!....

    4- When I got back in the car, I plugged it in again in the 12v charger and to my surprise, the phone charged again!

    5- I then switched back the desktop to Nova (BB was really too painful).

    6- I got home then tried to plug it in my laptop... Nothing. Got the UI warning and that"s it.. So I went back to the car and tried the 12v again.. Nothing....

    I racked my brain trying to figure out the right sequence..

    So here it is... (for me anyway)

    When the phone is restarted or dies....
    1- Switch to BB desktop and suffer sluggish...
    2- Restart phone
    3- Plug into the 12v in the car and start the car
    4- Restart the phone again and let charge to about 99%
    4- Unplug phone and plug it back again.. it charges!
    5- Switch back to Nova desktop and try to keep it charged with no restart and no laptop USB....

    I tried everything I found in the forum
    I tried all sorts of cable, chargers etc.. Nothing..

    Only the 12V in the car works!

    One thing for sure is that plugging it into my laptop USB will automatically turn it back into a restart while plugged in...

    I hope this helps someone and I hope it helps someone find out what is wrong with this system.. (both charging and why the BB Desktop is super sluggish)

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    08-07-19 01:21 AM

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