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    This probably exists in one form or another in messages and in different contexts but I was wondering if someone could perhaps give me a quick link or add to my list

    - Install latest loader
    - Install my apps that are paid and what I want from Priv.
    - Go into Dev options and change the animations part to 0.5 or whatever
    - Disable Gmail stuff since i will use the hub
    - Pick out a nice them or download some icon sets
    - Customize crap to my liking
    - Give my Keyone an "anti-screen pop off" bath

    There might be some that I missed and of course some of it is perspective but I would love some other suggestions as I am open to them.
    06-12-17 07:05 PM
  2. mikeydodds's Avatar
    -activate shortpress keyboard shortcuts
    - figure out what app you want to assign the convenience key to.
    -setup the right shift key to have copy and paste functionality and make sure the left shift key functions as a normal shift key.

    -figure out what tasks you perform the most and program keyboard shortcuts to do them for you in the future.

    repeat the same process for people you contact the most.
    06-12-17 07:29 PM
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    Posted via CB10
    06-12-17 07:34 PM

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