1. DevilRon's Avatar
    Hey guys, sry for my bad english, bit need to ask something. Since a couple of days my light notification for whatsapp messages is not working anymore. I uninstalled whatsapp and it worked again for couple of hours, but then it stopped again. I also controlled all settings on whatsapp, hub and so on, bit it doesn't help. My light notification is only working on incoming emails and other apps, but not on whatsapp. Is there something I can do or is this a typicall problem with the keyone? Need some help, greetings.
    07-26-17 11:54 AM
  2. Thalakar's Avatar
    Not sure as long as it's setup inside the app it should be working. Do you have any other apps installed that might potentially interfere or mess with the LED assignments?

    One thing I will confirm is Whatsapp LED seems less reliable mine seems to turn off with just phone interaction. versus other chats which require you to stimulate the specific app.
    07-27-17 03:45 AM

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