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    I had this issue, did searches and saw quite a few threads here but no one had a solution short of returning under warranty, so posting this.

    All of a sudden it wasn't recording audio in Whatsapp or the Camera App when taking videos. Also, if I attempted to use speakerphone, the audio cut out.

    Messing around today I solved the issue (for mine atleast)

    DTEK is blocking the audio. I went into each app and checked permissions and they were all allowed, so I dug deeper.

    The solve for me was:
    DTEK > Settings > Set Sensitive Permissions : Changed Mic, Camera and Phone to "Normal" (Was sensitive) and started working again.

    You can also go DTEK > Events to see if there are any instances of DTEK blocking (It showed Whatsapp, but not the factory camera on mine).

    Anyways, hope this helps anyone who has having the same issue, as it seems like a decent amount of people were.
    12-16-18 09:38 AM

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