1. Shayman09's Avatar
    I have been to 2 Concerts now and the video recording from both have been horrible and super choppy. On my Priv when I recorded concert clips it sounded amazing I am running Android 7.1.1 . I don't see a setting for this
    07-02-17 12:14 AM
  2. llrenta's Avatar
    I'd like to hear more about this. I remembered I shot a short clip at a concert last weekend that I hadn't looked at, and you're right about the sound. Total crap. The video quality was better than some but not great at all. Makes me sad because shows are where I tend to take more pictures and video. The only good concert footage I've seen so far is on husband's Google Nexus'. Daughter just got the S7+ so we'll see that comparison soon. I'm really tired of crappy cameras not shooting well in concert conditions.
    07-02-17 01:10 PM
  3. VictorRight's Avatar
    I purchased two external microphones, Insignia Directional Mic and VideoMic Me by Rode and both do not work on the Keyone. Any reasons?

    Both Mics work on a Asus tablet and samsung s7 everytime. I turned off Bluetooth on the k1 and they worked briefly as a pop-up showed that a "headset device is plugged in" and "tap to play music." I thought great! Nope! When I unplug the Mic and plug it back in, no connection again, and when I plug the headset it works fine. When I plug the Mic after, nothing.

    If external devices do not work on the K1 auxiliary port then what's the point? I think I should replace the K1 with an s8, Just ****!
    07-02-17 03:12 PM
  4. DWonder's Avatar
    Haven't had any issues with my recordings or audio from the recordings. Everything looks and sounds good....
    07-02-17 07:28 PM

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