1. anon(1052990)'s Avatar
    Reality is for Blackberry and TCL it will be only one of their solution to make money.

    The conservative pkb lovers fanatics and business users are not even a blackberry niche anymore, they may sell one million unit but all companies who switched to Iphones and Samsung Galaxy will no come back to blackberry anymore, I read it was aimed to business users mainly but apple and samsung offer now secured servers as well plus the whole perfect solution for enterprise for PRODUCTIVITY, tablets, computers. Blackberry missed the train and was too stubborn to at least offers android phone with blackberry layer since day one in 2007 with first iphone and 2009 with the first galaxy phone.

    It is not with 7 billions loss over last 4 years and some 2 billions in cash they will get back their lost former profitable business customers. Average user will want a less bulky phone and most important a better bang for the buck. Nowadays you have to fight with all the new chinese companies Huawei, Oppo, ZTE, Xiaomi, Asus, and Nokia is back ! The return to removable battery could have a bring a worldwide advantage especially when you see the back of the Keyone :-(

    Do not get me wrong this Key1 is a very good device, blackberry is a good company but you need a strong sales team and marketing campaign and not the case anymore.

    More than 1 billion mobiles sold in 2016, let s hope 1 million for Keyone so 0.1% market share... If you want to call it a niche then be it. At the end it is the profit you make and the margin, they will not keep a phone line to be break even... LG G6 release in March and Samsung S8 pre order beginning of April will be available before Keyone too so really bad corporate timing.

    My sadness is they had the potential to be a major player in the industry with model like apple, 3 phones a year, a best bang for the buck, a pkb and a real flagship but management made some mistakes, I did not even talk about the playbook...

    To finish on a positive note, I will get this phone but later after the launch date, to get it at 449$, I like the keyboard and design, and I use my phone to phone and emails mainly, and music when I work out. And I still have this love for Blackberry
    02-26-17 03:16 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Thanks for the positive input! I agree 1 million should be easily attained.
    02-26-17 08:23 PM

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