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    I have a Dtek KeyOne. It seems I can't do anything with it without enabling Blackberry Hub - write a note, save a contact. When I go to enable Blackberry Hub it wants me to agree to allow it to access location info. I understand why GPS might need our location but why does Blackberry Hub need it for tasks that are completely unrelated to location? Like creating a contact? A note? Can I enable Blackberry Hub without doing that and how would that be done? We have used Blackberry Hub before on actual Blackberry and it never asked for location. As well, is there a way I can skip the Hub altogether and just create contacts, notes, etc without enabling the Hub at all? In other words just use it like an ordinary Android phone albeit with a keyboard?
    10-06-17 05:07 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    10-06-17 08:49 AM