11-02-17 09:11 AM
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  1. supertom's Avatar
    Loving K1 and no issues at all. 100+ apps, great (2 day) battery life, keyboard lighting great, no screen lift, snappy, great browser, excellent WiFi and Bluetooth, very good reception.
    Ditto! Best phone i've ever used... I also have a Galaxy S8 for a back up and never once thought of having it as my daily driver--i just use the S8 for video games..
    11-01-17 03:56 PM
  2. Anupam Kurapati's Avatar
    What's your on screen time?
    11-01-17 04:29 PM
  3. tnewton3's Avatar
    Same here at 3 months. Battery life never less than 16 hours.
    Same here with battery life. I never get 2 days out of my battery but I'm always able to go from 6am to midnight no problem. I still carry a fast charge Ravpower pack that I'll turn on quick charge if I've been using my phone a lot and need a boost.

    Maybe I'm a power user or something with the Verizon network because even CB Kevin states he gets two days and I can't imagine I use mine more than him.
    11-01-17 04:37 PM
  4. Doityourself's Avatar
    43 %

    the 10.5 hours now

    will make it to 16 hours easy
    11-01-17 06:24 PM
  5. Barbareren's Avatar
    43 %

    the 10.5 hours now

    will make it to 16 hours easy
    Is that with data turned OFF? The most on-screen time I've gotten ever on this thing with data being actively ON all the time is 10 hours with 10% left...
    11-02-17 12:09 AM
  6. Insync's Avatar
    I've got a black edition too! loving it! I would love to know how people aren't getting 2 days battery life lol

    took off charge 12pm and it's 7pm now

    I'm down to 62%

    20% brightness
    no low power mode
    3.5 hours on screen

    hope this helps other people

    since taking off charge I wiped and restored it
    Same experience. I no longer have a charger at the office.
    11-02-17 12:33 AM
  7. Insync's Avatar
    Yeah every android person I meet loves this phone. A a lot of them are former blackberry owners that are now strongly considering the keyone. They are blown away by the battery life.
    It took a week to get used to Android but after that transition period BB10 users will be happy that some features continue in a fully supported format with great familiar hardware.
    11-02-17 09:11 AM
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