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    It seems to be true: The Radio App on my KeyOne has the ability for spying via the microphone. I am not a specialist, but I found out: In DTEK you can't stop the permission for the microphone. The Radio app contains a lot of system apps. You can't stop their background activity. In the android settings it is the same. With NetGuard -if it is installed- you must activate looking for system apps. The Radio app is also combined with RCS services. If you block the internet access here and then you try to search for updates on the KeyOne it will show you, that you don't have Internet access for it. So it is not possible to use this most secure android device without the posssibility to get spyed via the microphone. DTEK shows me that it was not used, but in the cache I find activity. So I stopped the Radio app in the android settings but immediately it is activated again. The only positve thing is, if you invest a little time, that the BackBerry KeyOne SHOWS you, that the possibility of being spyed via the microphone is given. Also if you use the encrypted telephone function of Signal, Telegram, Threema etc. it is possible, that your call can be spyed via the microphone before it reaches the encryption -and all your conservations in your room and around you! -I hope, on BB10 it is not possible, but I am not sure. In the settings of BB10 the background permissions for the Radio app can be stopped, but you cannot find a permission for the microphone there... For the first I switched off my KeyOne and changed to my Passport and Classic. -If all that is true it makes no sense to believe in the security and privacy as proclaimed by BlackBerry Mobile. But if someone knows better please give an advice.

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    01-27-19 02:10 PM
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    Why did you start a whole new thread on this? Even after you posted in the initial forum? The existing one served the issue just fine - https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...yware-1114621/
    01-27-19 02:16 PM

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